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Some Very Useful Text Editors For Programmers

Text Editors For Programmers

Notepad is the 1st thing which comes to our mind when we think about a text editor for writing codes in any language whether JAVA,C++,C#, JavaScript, PHP, etc., but in becomes difficult when you write big codes because you cannot detect syntax errors until you compile the whole code. This is not only irritating sometimes, but also can be really difficult to detect errors if LOC(lines of code) are quite large. To make your coding experience delightful and easy, here are 8 very useful text editors for programmers.

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For solving this problem many text editors are available as freeware for all operating systems whether it is Windows, Mac-OS, Linux, etc. These editors have syntax highlighting for many languages, a find and replace feature and other features which make coding a bit easier and interesting.

Here are some examples of text editors which will take your coding experience to a new level.


Notepad ++ Text Editor For Programmers

Notepad ++ Text Editor For Programmers

For Windows

It is a replacement for Microsoft notepad. Few exclusive features include:-

  • Auto completion feature:-Available for most of the languages. This feature guesses what you are trying to write.
  • A tabbed interface:- it comes handy when you are working with multiple files. You don’t have to browse through multiple windows because now your files open in different tabs.
  • A powerful find and replace feature
  • Features like code folding are present for a large number of languages.
  • It’s very easy to understand and user friendly.

These are some of the features of NOTEPAD++ which gives it an edge over other text editors.

2). Bluefish Editor

Bluefish Text Editor for Programmers

Bluefish Text Editor for Programmers

For Linux and Mac-OS

An open source text editor, whose sole motive is easing the work of programmers and web designers. Its features include:

  • A fast and light weight editor: it can open 500+ documents with great ease.
  • A built in Reference Browser: for learning the syntax of PHP, Python, CSS, and HTML quickly.
  • Easy to download and work with.
  • Very helpful for novice programmers and web developers.

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3). Caditor

cadilator Text Editors for programmers

Cadilator Text Editor

For Windows.

An open source text editor for .NET and C# framework. It is speedy but does not compromise performance. Its exclusive features include:-

  • A very easy to use search box: this is built in the tool bar thus you don’t have to open a no view dialog box each time you perform a search.
  • A compiler feature: it allows you to hook up your code with your compiler.
  • A FTP(File Transfer Protocol) feature.
  • Other common feature include line numbering, etc. which are common to all developer-oriented editors.

4). Smultron

Smultron Mac text editor for programmers

Smultron Mac text editor for programmers

For Mac-OS

A very easy-to-use text editor. Known for its simple interface, making it a great option for minimalistic coder. Its features include:-

  • Split viewing plane:- this feature helps in viewing the files side by side.
  • A code snipplet library:- this feature is a very useful as it allows the programmer to store the code blocks which are used often.
  • A full screen mode: this feature makes the programmer to focus only on the work at hand.
  • Other basic features include syntax highlighting and line numbering.

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5). GNU Emacs

gnu emacs text editors for programmers

gnu emacs text editors for programmers

For Mac-OS, Windows, Linux

This editor is commonly referred to as Emacs. It is a cross-platform and an extendible editor whose sole motive is to make the work of programmers easy.

Its exclusive features are:-

  • It has the ability to extend:- this is the most important feature of Emacs. It offers the user the facility to use Emacs as a project planner and debugger.
  • File-comparison feature:-this feature is very handy for beginners as they don’t document their code. This feature highlights the difference between two files. It makes the code easy to compare with older version to see the changes done,etc.
  • Other common features are text highlighting, line numbering, etc.

6). Crimson Editor

crimson-editor for programmers

crimson-editor for programmers

For windows

It a light weight editor in which you can do coding in many language and make your work easy. It is a very solid option for windows user.

Its exclusive features are:-

  • Macros:- this feature enables you to record you tasks so that you can refer to or reuse it with a click of a button.
  • Build in FTP (File Transfer Protocol) feature:-it allows the programmer to upload or download files from the FTP server.
  • Other common features are:- text highlighting, line numbering, find and replace.


gedit text editors for programmers

gedit text editors for programmers

For Linux

The official or built-in text editor for GNOME desktop(like notepad for windows) but unlike notepad it is a complete package full of features which make coding easy and an interesting task.

The exclusive features include:-

  • Tabbed interface:- this feature enable the programmer to open many tabs so that the programmer can work with many files simultaneously.
  • Spell-checking:- this is a handy feature which enable you to correct the syntax error on the spot.
  • Other common features are syntax highlighting, line numbering, find and replace which make it a great free editor for programmers.

8). SciTE

SciTE Text Editors For Programmers

SciTE Text Editors For Programmers

This text editor is written on the top of the open source Scintilla code-editing component. This one is a very speedy text editor which aims solely for source code editing.

The exclusive features are:-

  • Standalone .exe version:- this feature allows the programmer the ease of using a portable secondary storage device like a USB derive. It makes it very easy and convenient to carry it around without having to install it.
  • Portability:- this editor is compatible with all the common Operating Systems be it Windows, Linux or Mac-OS. It has been successfully tested for Windows XP, Fedora 8 and Mac-OS.
  • Other features include syntax highlighting, line numbering, find and replace, spell check , etc.

There are tons of text editor available which cater to few specific needs. The editors mentioned above cater to needs of more general programmers so that they can find their initial stage of coding interesting and can write programs less hustle free. Hope you had a nice experience with these editors and bring out the programmer in you.

Author: Ayushi Sirohi