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Top 5 Hacking Add-ons For Mozilla Firefox

Hacking Add-ons for Mozilla Firefox

Hacking Add-ons For Mozilla Firefox

Hacking Add-ons For Mozilla Firefox

Mozilla Firefox is one of the most popular Internet browsers around the world. What make it so special are the thousands of add-ons created by developers to shape the browser according to their wish. Mozilla has always been the favourite browser for hackers. From Packet sniffing add-ons to proxy add-ons, Firefox is the home of hackers. Let’s check out 5 hacking add-ons for Mozilla firefox.

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1) Firesheep Add-on

firesheep add-on for mozilla firefox

firesheep add-on for mozilla firefox

Firesheep is one of the most powerful add-ons plugin for Firefox version 3.6 or later, which gained much fame in a few days of its launch. The basic concept of Firesheep was, that it used a packet sniffer which encapsulated the unencrypted cookie data for social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter and hence giving a free ticket to hackers to log in the victim’s account without entering username or password of the victim. The technique is known as session hijacking, cookie stealing and many such synonyms underlining the fact of stealing the cookie. The add-on copies the unique cookie data into a list (which you’ll notice at the right side of your browser) and double clicking the cookie gives you access. A cookie is basically a packet with encrypted hash about the information of the user’s secure page, which is generated at the time of login. The “Remember me” function is totally based on this unique hash cookie data, allowing you to skip the login process for frequent logins. So, in case a cookie theft, the browser with your cookie information assumes it to be and passes the login process. Eric Butler basically launched the add-ons plugin at a security point of view to demonstrate the risk of session hijacking and what unencrypted sessions could do. The act somewhat brought a security to users and method seems to sink at secure connections (HTTPS Connections).

Firesheep works on Windows platform and Mac, while it is not suitable yet for Linux.

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2) Greasemonkey

Greasemonkey add-on for mozilla firefox

Greasemonkey add-on for mozilla firefox

The Greasemonkey project, started in November, 2004 is another quite famous and innovative Firefox extension bringing a boon to the programmers. Greasemonkey provides a step to augmented browsing which means manipulating the webpage before or after it has been loaded with use of scripts installed as per user’s choice and coder’s calibre. Scripts are usually coded in JavaScript, and can be generated in CSS or XUL too. The webpages can be rendered as per like and ability of the webpage to be manipulated using JavaScript. Userscripts.org maintains a database of nearly all the greasemonkey scripts by all coders who submit it there and can directly be installed within the browser. Greasemonkey uses the Document Object Model interface to amend the webpage or a complete website. (Greasemonkey renders the page as to user and not globally.) Greasemonkey has been functional in providing an easy-to-do way for many sites from Facebook, Gmail, one click delete options, preventing pop ups on external clicks on hotmail, has the ability to embed price comparison while online shopping hence, can combine data from multiple webpages, can render the appearance of the site to fixing the bugs. Apart from these, Greasemonkey has been into controversies for providing hackers a way to render the page negatively, But now user scripts only allows certain set of instructions which coders must follow.

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Greasemonkey works with all Firefox versions.

3) Advanced dork

As we know, Google is the most powerful search engine at present and it cannot be a bane for anyone. Google is one of the best tools, for penetration testers and other security experts to directly reach the vulnerability through the search engine. Google allows you to search the web with its advanced techniques, letting our search to be in depth and specific. Google has millions of ways to track your search and provide required result, but remembering those million queries and techniques is complicated, This is where Advanced Dork Firefox plug-in comes into play. Advanced Dork saves a lot of time, and providing easy to use search features and along with provides a space to learn to people who are not aware of advanced Google search engines techniques. All these queries are just a right click away. Using advanced Dork is quite simple, You just have to select the word and choose from 15+ Google advanced operators such as intitle: inurl: intext: site: ext: and filetype etc., which render your search according to your need. Right clicking a hyperlink also provides features to search the linked domain and similarly, right clicking the address bar provides features like inurl, link, and cache, to search within the domain (not the present directory of the domain). Quoting again, Google is the most powerful tool on the web and Advanced dork brings you the ability to use it as powerfully as it is meant to be.

4) Cookie swap /Add n Edit cookies

Cookie Swap and Add n Edit Cookies are plug-ins of the same platform and used for session hijacking as explained in the first point. A cookie stores the session information of the user. A cookie for a hacker is as useful as a password; rather cookie works for a week or so even after the password is changed. This add-on help us to edit the cookies for a certain login session. If we have the unique cookie data for a specific user, we edit our cookies with the victim’s cookies, And Poof! We get a free ticket to that authenticated information. Cookie editor tools are vastly used not only to swap cookies and hack other sessions but for education purposes too.

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5) FoxyProxy

FoxyProxy Hacking add-on For Firefox

FoxyProxy Hacking add-on For Firefox

For hackers and Security experts, Staying behind the covers is a very vital element for their procedures. Proxy servers help a user to maintain the anonymity and reach the data restricted to their country or ip address range. Foxyproxy, with over 13 million downloads and translation is more than 34 languages offer reliable proxy servers in over 50 countries around the globe. The servers are automatically changed according to the URL patterns. Advanced loggings and animated icons show you which proxy servers were used for which URL providing complete Foxyproxy usage details. Though many such add-ons like TorButton, SwitchProxy, QuickProxy, xyzproxy, ProxyButton, ProxyTex , etc. Already exist to be used while you browse but FoxyProxy is the best of it and provides more features than others.

Note: These add-ons will not work on mozilla firefox for android.