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Samsung Galaxy S4 Review

Samsung Galaxy S4

Samsung Galaxy S IV Review

Samsung Galaxy S IV Review

The only Smartphone that is giving tough competition (Or say beating them) to iOS Powered Apple Devices is Samsung. Samsung is flooding the market with new and improved smart phones every few months but this one is something everyone’s been eagerly waiting for since the release of Galaxy S3. The Samsung Galaxy S4 may very well be the most anticipated phone in history. Since the announcement that Samsung would be releasing a 4th model to its highly successful S series of phones, the internet has been flooded with rumors about the features and specifications of the phone. But now with Samsung announcing the official release date for the phone as 14th March 2013, the rumors are turning into reality and here is a brief glance at what Samsung has to offer for you this season. Check out the whole review about the Galaxy S IV below.

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How Does Samsung Galaxy S4 Looks Like?

Samsung Galaxy S4 Review

Samsung Galaxy S4 Review

  • Samsung phones have seen little change in their design and the same can be expected with the S4 but one can expect many changes as compared to the S3. Where S III had a 4.8inch Super AMOLED display with a resolution of 1280×720, the S IV is said to have a larger 4.99 (5.0) inch Full HD SoLux display having a resolution of 1080×1920 pixels.
  • The phone also sees a slight shift in dimensions. Bigger screens are in this season with phones like Samsung Galaxy Note II hitting the market. The S IV also looks to join the big screen team. The S III had dimensions of 136.6×70.6×8.6mm whereas the S4 is said to be 140.1×71.8×7.7mm. As one can see clearly from the data that the screen size has increased and the thickness has reduced. In fact the S4 is almost the same thickness as the iPhone 5.
  • The overall look of the phone will remain unchanged as compared to Galaxy S III. It will have the home and back button at the front and the screen lock at the side just as in the predecessors. The back cover would be plastic again and the corners and edges would be aluminum. Rumor has it that the phone will be released in only two colors, i.e Black and White; however more colors can be expected later.

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Samsung Galaxy S4 Features & Specifications

So, you already likes the looks of the new Samsung Galaxy S4, now below are the specifications and features of the phone.


The CPU of S IV can expect a tremendous change as Samsung was to upgrade all its chips in 2013. In the S IV we can expect the new Exynox 5 Octa CPU with eight cores. This was first seen in the Chromebook, also manufactured by Samsung. Surely this would increase the performance and efficiency of the phone. The processor can expect a boost up to 1.9 GHz making it incredibly fast.

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Operating System Used in Galaxy S4

As far as the operating system is concerned, Samsung Galaxy S IV will probably have an Android v4.2 Jelly bean OS. There were initially rumors that the S IV will see a migration from Android and adopt the Tizen OS however these have proven to be false.

Data Connectivity In Samsung Galaxy S4

In terms of data connectivity Samsung can expect a major boost as the Samsung Galaxy S4 is expected to have a powerful 5GWi-Fi combo chip from Broadcom. According to the manufacturers, this chip increases the range of the device connectivity and users can witness tremendous increase in their browsing and streaming speed.

Samsung Galaxy S4 Battery Life

Little is known at this point about the battery of galaxy S4, but one can expect at the very least, a 21 hour standby battery as the S3 had a 21 hour standby battery life. The battery is said to be more compact as the phone is much slimmer than the predecessor.

Camera in Samsung galaxy S4

The camera is also a mystery in Galaxy S4 Smartphone; however recent photographs have suggested an advanced front camera. The expectation would be nothing less than an 8 Mega Pixel camera with HD video recording and LED flash. The front camera could very well be more than 2 Mega Pixel which makes it ideal for video chats.

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Additional Features

Another interesting feature that one can expect from this phone is MaxTouch S controller. This is a feature similar to the Galaxy Note II where the S pen could draw by just hovering over the phone. However in the case of S IV, the need for an S pen may be eliminated all together.

Samsung Galaxy S4 Release Date

Samsung Galaxy S4 Review

Samsung Galaxy S4 Review

The date of release for the same is said to be 14th March 2013 and pre orders are already on the rise. The price of Samsung Galaxy s4 is yet to be confirmed but owing to all the features and similarities to phones like the Note II, it can be easily over 650$ at the start. S III has set high standards for S IV and we will soon know if it lived up to it.

Author: Naveen Thakur