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Apple iPhone 5 Vs Ubuntu Edge

Apple iPhone 5 vs Ubuntu Edge

iPhone 5 Vs Ubuntu Edge

iPhone 5 Vs Ubuntu Edge

Smartphone market is the biggest platform for any electronic giant to thrive on and reach to a wider group of consumers, in today’s scenario smart phones have rose to be the most in demand electronic commodity. Many franchises have come up with their own smartphones. Now the competition has just got tougher with another Internet giant UBUNTU launching their own smartphone Ubuntu Edge. lets see which smartphone is better in the war of Apple iPhone 5 Vs Ubuntu Edge.

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So here we present a tabular comparison for our users between already established giant apple with its iPhone 5 and though an upstart but not rookie UBUNTU with its UBUNTU EDGE.

Display 4” Retina, Corning Gorilla Glass with Oleophobic Coating1136 x 640 4.5” Sapphire Coated Glass1280 x 720 HD
Form Anodized Aluminum and Ceramic Glass Amorphous metal
Internal Storage 16/32/64GB 128GB
Camera 8mp iSight Rear1.2mp HD Front 8mp lowlight Front2mp Rear
Battery 1.3GHz Lithium ion Silicone Anodized – no size known yet
OS iOS 6+ Ubuntu and Android compatibility, Dual boot system
Sensors Gyro, accelerometer, proximity, ambient light Accelerometer, proximity, compass, barometer, possibly more 

Ubuntu has stated their intentions to move into the smart phone market, with the Ubuntu Edge.  As well as being a smartphone, Ubuntu also states that they are going to take the Edge to a greater extent. It will be able to get into and be utilised  as a personalised desktop computer .

Ubuntu Edge Features

To back up this, Ubuntu are providing Edge with a multi-core processor, along with an awe-inspiring 4GB of RAM to be utilised with the 128GB of built-in storage capacity. It will have a dual LTE chip and a 4.5” sapphire crystal display. Unsurprisingly yet interestingly It will work on its own Ubuntu operating system and it will also have the addition of a dual-boot system with compatibility with the Android OS.

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Ubuntu asserts that they want to create the next big thing in smartphone Industry. Their handset is created to look astute, feel sound to touch and not be clumsy and oversized. It is being fabricated from a non-crystalline metal, textured for the non-slip feel. The Edge is being categorised by Ubuntu, not merely as a smartphone, but also as a superphone, the paradigm shift that is needed for the next generation, not only in smart phones, but in mobile and personal computing. However the question which remains is, how a phone like the Ubuntu Edge will holds up competition against the Apple iPhone 5?

Author: Pranay Purohitt