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Top 5 Antivirus App For Android 2014

Antivirus App For Android

Today, if we are talking about an operating system then the most popular operating system comes in our mind is Android. Each and every mobile device or tablet supports Android as an operating system. Every year there is new technology developed and new apps are launched. Android Platform also provides lots of applications that you can easily download from Play Store. Do you ever think that by downloading these applications your Android device get trapped from various viruses or malwares? This decreases the security of your Android device and your device starts to falter. To make your device secure from these viruses and malwares, here are some of the best antivirus app for android devices.

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2014 also coming with new apps in Android platform which when downloaded may harm your Device. Here I am providing you the list of top 5 antiviruses of 2014 for your Android device so that you can use it with ease and without virus.

AVG Antivirus App For Android

AVG Antivirus For Android

AVG Antivirus For Android

AVG antivirus app for android is a free and top antivirus that protects your Android device from harmful Viruses, malwares, spywares and other text messages. By keeping your Android device safe from all these harmful things, it also keeps your personal data safe. This antivirus provides you lots of features.

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Here are some features in which you will see that how AVG acts in different mode.

  • AVG as an app locker: AVG provides you a feature to lock your apps that gives privacy and safety to your Android Device. It also provides you some backup apps.
  • AVG as a Task killer: There is an interesting feature of this antivirus that kills those tasks that make your device slow and also hang your device.
  • AVG as an anti-theft protection: This feature lock your device by sending a text message to indicate you and this can only be possible by anti-theft services provided by this antivirus.
  • AVG as a phone locator: This antivirus allows you to locate your lost or stolen device and you can find it via google maps.
  • It saves power of your device by indicating you that your battery is low and also turns off that functions which are not in use. This antivirus allows you to browse web safely and securely.

Kaspersky Internet Security

Kaspersky Antivirus app for Android

Kaspersky Antivirus app for Android

To protect your Android device, there are so many latest mobile security technologies developed every day. One of them if ‘Kaspersky Internet Security’. Kaspersky Internet Security for Android protects your device from adwares, spywares and malwares and also filters unwanted text messages and incoming calls. There are lots of wonderful features provided by this antivirus that protects your Android device without smashing the performance of your device.

Features Of Kaspersky Internet Security Android App are:

  • It provides you real time protection. Whatever application you download, this antivirus detects it by its powerful engine called AV engine and overcomes all unwanted things from your device.
  • It acts like Antivirus Scanner that scans your device automatically whenever malware caught your Android device.
  • It also gives you privacy and allows you to hide your personal information.
  • It automatically detects all the phishing links and provides you Anti-phishing services.
  • It gives you cloud enabled protection.

TrustGo Antivirus App For Android

TrustGo Android Antivirus App

TrustGo Android Antivirus App

TrustGo is the most powerful antivirus of Android in comparison to other antiviruses of Android. It offers you lots of features that other antivirus does not offer you. It detects all the viruses and removes them from your device. It has one of the most important feature that other antiviruses does not have and that is it is the only security app that protects your privacy and data from high risk.

TrustGo Antivirus Android App Features:

  • It acts as a Security Scanner which scans your device and removes all the viruses and other unwanted things from your device that stole your personal data or information.
  • There is one interesting feature of this security app is that it has Secure App Finder Engine that lets you know which application is safe to download and which is not. It alerts you before you download any application.
  • It gives you secure web browsing and gives you notifications when your browsing site is malicious.
  • It locks your phone and when anyone enters wrong password 3 times, it will take his/her picture and will mail you.
  • It stores data and keeps backups safely in the cloud.

Bitdefender Mobile Security & Antivirus For Android

Bitdefender Antivirus Android App

Bitdefender Antivirus Android App

Bitdefender is the latest security app that detects viruses and other harmful thing from your Android device without making device’s performance slow and draining battery. It promotes in-the-cloud scanning technology to protect your device.

Features of Bitdefender Android app are:

  • It gives you an application called flagship application that has been certified to catch more than 99% of a viruses that are targeted at Android devices.
  • It gives you feather light performance means you do not need to install app directly to your Android Device as it uses in-the-cloud services which checks online for the latest safeguards.
  • It gives you full speed in downloading and prevents installation virus trapped application and also does not affect battery of device.
  • After installing an application it scans that application and in this way your device gets protected.
  • It acts as an effective guardian against viruses. It also provides you a powerful scanner called Autopilot Scanner that automatically scans all newly installed applications.

Avast Mobile Security Android App

Avast Mobile Security Android App

Avast Mobile Security Android App

Avast Security protects your device from viruses, spywares and malwares. Avast helps you to locate your lost phone through its web-based phone locate feature. It also gives your mobile antivirus protection

Features of Avast Security Android App are:

  • It keeps your Android device safe from all malicious applications.
  • It filters all unwanted text messages and incoming calls. It blocks specific numbers.
  • It provides you an Anti-theft component with remote options.
  • It gives you notification when you are browsing a malicious website.
  • It also adds firewall to keep hackers away from your device.
  • It notifies you about your monthly data limits. It automatically corrects the mistyped URLs.

The main purpose of this article is aware you that how your Android device gets protected by using these antiviruses. Our only aim is inform you so that your devices never trapped with any malware and viruses. If you want your Android device to be safe from all malicious things then download these antiviruses. The choice is yours, which antivirus is best for your Android device. You can download above antiviruses from Google Play Store.

Author: Kriti Jain